DesignerJonathan Marvel
PrizeHonorable Mention
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The 14 + 9 Townhouses project is part of the Hoyt-Schermerhorn project, a private development program for a two acre urban renewal site in Brooklyn, New York. This infill project has created a new city block and reconnected a long-disrupted urban fabric at a site that had been vacant and underutilized for more than three decades. Through a program that advances social and economic diversity, a joint venture between two private developers and two not-for-profit organizations combines market rate residential and commercial development with supportive housing development to fulfill these goals. The 14 + 9 Townhouses represented the first market-rate development phases on the site. Not since the late 1920's had New York City seen the creation of an uninterrupted blockfront of new market rate townhouses. Positioned between the commercial core of downtown Brooklyn and the historic neighborhoods of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill, the two groups of new townhouses serve as an anchor for the planned block-long redevelopment by reconnecting the site to its adjacent brownstone neighbors. Originally, the site contained a dense fabric of residential and commercial structures, most dating from the late 19th century. The sites flank and adjoin the only five remaining Italianate townhouses from this period. All are listed on the National Register. To the south, across State Street, is a row of Greek revival townhouses, many also listed on the National Register. The 9 Townhouses complete the first full block of townhomes in Brooklyn in over a century and provide 23 modern interpretations of the single-family townhome.