Lead DesignerJonathan Marvel
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

PierTerrace is comprised of two exceptionally engineered buildings that didactically engage in the vibrant landscape of Brooklyn Bridge Park. PierTerrace performs, connects and nurtures. Each building compliments the complex ecology, community, and character that is already growing between Brooklyn Bridge Park and its neighborhood. In unity with city and Park, PierTerrace embraces the surrounding landscape. Its efficiency and unfaltering commitment to its residents, the city, and the environment shape a new prototype for residential living: the Living Building.

The Living Building performs and in doing so, it simultaneously serves as a performance. The sophisticated systems of the Living Building integrate ecology into the project’s core, ensuring its LEED Gold certification. Its dynamics work in harmony with the environment and offers direct park connectivity with at-grade streetscapes combining planted areas and DOT approved green pavers. An active screen façade on PierTerrace West will feature a louver system, which adjusts to the weather and creates a didactic spectacle in the park. The mill finish aluminum on the façade takes on the ephemeral quality of the harbor light, evolving throughout the day.

PierTerrace is also an archetypal design of mixed rate housing. While the West Tower is entirely comprised of market rate rental units, the East Tower is 80% affordable units. By maximizing the allowable buildable square footage within height and property lines, our proposal, in turn, maximizes the financial support PierTerrace can contribute to the Park. The base of each building is cut back so as to foster fauna habitats while revealing park related retail spaces including a bike shop and a café.

The Living Building takes its place in Brooklyn Bridge Park, a place where the city reconnects to nature.