Movimento: The Art of Football Everywhere.

ClientMiguel Valenzuela
DesignerMiguel Valenzuela
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Movimento: The Art of Football Everywhere. HM. was commissioned by Nike to conceptualise, design and produce a packagean “unexpected”, creative package and delivery method for a “play- anywhere” football set, which included football boots, apparel and a ball. HM. was also required to develop a creative goal solution, suitable for the concept to add to the package. Lastly, HM. was required to design the identity and layout of a magazine illustrating the creativity, style and play- anywhere nature of small- sided football. The objective of the complete pack was to excite, inspire and enable football/sport/lifestyle media and influencers to play a daring, creative and play the accessible form of football. In response to the requirements, HM. developed the concept of movement. Inspired by the game and skill of iconic football players – Ronaldinho’s trademark “Elastico” move, and Neymar Jr as he dribbles through the opposition – HM. interpreted football as an elegant and graceful dance. A movement. Smooth, silky and carefree. Un Movimento. The project was titled “Movimento: The Art of Football Everywhere.” Working alongside photographers commissioned by Nike, HM. collaborated with both the artists and Nike to direct an image series that captured the beauty of movement and the creativity of small-sided football’s free form of play. This series was used with the magazine. Reflecting the elegance of football, HM. discarded the possibility of using an urban style bag and instead created a sleek, stylish black box, rooming the football set provided by Nike. As a solution to the goal request, HM. developed a spray-can of chalk- spray to encourage and inspire players to look beyond the normal pitch set-up of football and take their game into their own hands in the spaces they find themselves in. The magazine showcased football’s ability to be played in any locale.