DesignerChin-Hsu Huang
PrizeHonorable Mention
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An embrace is a gesture used to express emotion. When it is expressed between family members, it soothes the emotion of yearning and at the same time incorporates expectations and responsibilities. In this project, embrace is the main theme of the spatial design. We planned a simple, subtle, and creative method to describe the warmth and harmony of a home, exhibiting cordial affections.

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It offers interior designing and programming of villas, houses, offices, business space, entrance halls and communal facilities. Sincerity, Elaboration and Open Up are our philosophy of design. We make the best efforts to make perfection space for every owner. For different demands of proprietors, we think about the best route, consider the functions, materials, streams of light, use different kinds of materials for matching, and even the selection of furniture and decorations. All these delicate arrangements will create perfect ratio in every space.Devotion to each design project gives it life value and makes the entire space magically spiritual and amazing.This is not only the commitment for the owners, but also the self challenge and life style of Great Word Interior Design.