“ Beat the heart “ – the affordable luxury

DesignerKelvin Mui
Entry Description

Emperor Jewellery ( EJ ) was established since 1942, initially being a sub division within their luxury watch shop. Recently the client has decided that now is the time to EJ a clear identity and independent from the big roof. The new identity must project a prominent and sophisticated look for the boutique. It must have a strong identity yet embody a soft elegance to show femininity. The concept derives from the heartbeat pattern in response to happiness, exciting, temperament, and splendor - emotions that emerge from a shopping experience. These patterns were generated through a Electrocardiogram, becoming the graphic identity pattern for the concept. The pattern was then lightly lasercut into wood veneers and was made to films applied on glass, creating custom boutique pieces. Wood and fabric materials are heavily used in the boutique to bring warmth into the space, applying on areas such as display tables and wall surfaces. The colour scheme used is a soft grey hue with touches of titanium and burgundy red accents. A hexagon stone flooring pattern is used to echo the client’s brand history and also minimize rigid geometric right angles. The flagship shop is located at The Heritage 1881, a historical preserved building at the heart of Hong Kong. It is an iconic attraction for tourists, and also a prime location for high-end retail brands. The client’s flagship presently stands strongly with character, amongst the crowd, attracting the niche market costumers within the shopping area of The Heritage 1881.