DesignerFabrizio Crisa'
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Marie is Elica's innovative air dispenser, designed to guarantee well-being in the home. The device works by means of cold technology, for guaranteed superior safety and cleanliness. Its compact size and exclusive design devised with painstaking care down to the smallest detail make it easy to carry and adaptable to all the rooms in the home. Available in various colours, Marie is fitted with a rechargeable lithium battery and a USB cable. Exclusive fragrances have been designed especially to neutralise unpleasant cooking odours and restore fresh air to every room.

About Designer

Fabrizio Crisa', Elica Design Center Manager. Born in 1973, Fabrizio Crisa' graduated in Industrial Design at the faculty of Architecture at the La Sapienza University in Rome. In Elica since 2005, he is now head of Elica’s Design Center and Art Direction & Product Design Manager within the Marketing&Innovation department. Creativity and sense of aesthetics, rationality and search for innovative solutions both in design and technology characterize his work. Passionate about history of art and modern design. The Elica Group has been operating in the market of kitchen hoods since the 70's. Today it is chaired by Francesco Casoli and led by Giuseppe Perucchetti and is the global leading company in terms of units sold. It also boasts a leadership position on a European level in terms of design, production and commercialization of electric motors for hoods and boilers. The Elica Group has about 3,000 employees and produces more than 17 million units per year. Its production system is carried out across eight production plants located in Italy, Poland, Mexico, Germany, India and China. Elica Group's key features are its consolidated experience in the field, great attention to design, careful selection of materials and innovative technology which guarantees high efficiency and consumption reduction. These elements have made the Elica Group a leader on the market and have allowed the company to revolutionize the traditional image of kitchen hoods, turning them into objects which are not simply accessories but stand-out products with a unique design capable of improving people's quality of life.