Les Bébés Cupcakery

CompanyJ.C. Architecture
ClientJohnny Chiu
DesignerNora Wang Sunny Sun
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Let’s Start with Packaging We wanted to create a space that derives from the actual product itself - a cup bakery store We took the idea of the gift packaging, we studied its flat packaging status from a cardboard status to the movement of folding and eventually becoming a 3d box to contain the cakes inside. Les Bébés is not only a cup bakery store but also a celebrational concept store. We started from pureness, elegance and simplicity of its cupcakes, we wanted the spaces also to reflect these kind of qualities, arousing the sensual and visual pleasures for the sweetness of the cupcakes. We thought what if it's possible to turn this idea into a space, so everything is folded in or out to create a spatial program that not only allows for customer to visualize, but also to experience. From Inside to Outside This movement concept allowed us to form a very simple space that is folded from the inside, and with a simple expression extruded to the outside facade. Allowing passerby to glance through the simplicity and expression of the wrapping that guest are able to take away with.

About Designer

J.C. Architecture is a multidisciplinary design firm that their projects include architecture, interior, hospitality, service, industrial and jewellery design in several countries collaborating with clients from various industries. The work has won several awards and competitions including TID (2011-2013), Golden Torch Award(2013), FIABCI(2013), Chinese Golden Stone Architecture Award(2010), NTPU Library Competition First Prize in 2008. JCA is operated as a studio think tank, developing researching and experimental methodologies for new possibilities for pushing design into every corner of their work. With the combination of great minds amongst different disciplines and the always fun and passionate staff, JCA aims to create a new sense of identity and character for the world to inhabit in. Johnny Chiu, the founder of J.C. Architecture (JCA) who graduated from Columbia University, lived, worked, and taught in more than six countries, has the great belief that a good design should be inspired from the individual. The society and the interaction between human and space are also his concerns in the design work.