Lanserhof Tegernsee, Marienstein

Lead DesignerChristoph Ingenhoven
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The new Lanserhof Tegernsee – the most modern prevention and regeneration centre in Europe – in Marienstein at Lake Tegern was opened in January 2014. The holistic health resort in the German Alps is setting new standards in combining health, enjoyment and hospitality. The LANS MedConcept is regarded internationally as an innovative forerunner for a holistic health concept. The focus is on the guests with their very personal health needs and requirements, time for prevention and regeneration. In the case of Lanserhof Tegernsee, there was therefore a need to establish a suitable setting where the guest has room to regenerate, find tranquillity, convalesce and gather new strength. The idea of a monastery comes to mind – a cubic structure, based on the traditional layout of a courtyard. The main building, in particular the public areas such as restaurant, fireplace lounge, reception area as well as the 7.000 sqm medical and treatment area, are arranged around a peaceful, green inner courtyard. The 70 rooms and suites are integrated with the inner courtyard and have beautiful views of the landscape. Both architecture and interior design adhere to the idea that “less is more”. The architecture was planned on the basis of health promoting and sustainable measures. From the beginning, the project team included a building biologist to ensure the quality and health-friendliness of the deployed materials. Indoor pollutants and physical factors, which could also affect health and well-being, were analysed. After completion of the building shell, chemical, microbiological and physical influences were investigated in accordance with the current standards of biological metrology relating to buildings. The locality with its geology and other ambient parameters supplied the best environment for good, peaceful and stress-free conditions. The choice of materials focused on natural materials. e.g. local larch from sustainable and certified sources for the 3.200 sqm façade.