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MyScreen is a simple, fast and fun mobile application. Users who install the application on their phone are eligible for discounts and offers from brands that connect to their interests specified in their profile information during signup. Everytime users hit end call their phone flashes an offer. MyScreen targets young working professionals and college students. The handwritten style of writing gives the logo a personalised feel like an autograph. It is all to do with the hand, holding a phone, using it and getting back something that's yours to keep.The overall feel is easy, friendly, open, and empowering. Monogram Significance: Depiction of a hand touching a screen which also reads as "MY" in a handwritten style. An open hand is a welcoming warm gesture. A hi and a bye. The beginning and end of every call and a playful sign of camaraderie, a high five so to speak. Tagline: Emphasis on product benefit for end users as well as advertisers. Tone of voice is to-the-point yet youthful.

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Design Stack is a Strategic Branding and Graphic Design studio based in Mumbai.