DesignerRockwell Group
Entry Description

The design concept for Le Champlain, the Château’s 198-seat main restaurant, was inspired by a manor house, in a nod to the hotel’s original English architectural details. The restaurant’s existing paneling and stenciled ceilings were preserved, and a palette of luxurious textured materials such as leather, brass and wood in muted hues of purple, grey and beige were used to update the space. Le Champlain is organized into several distinct dining areas. Four, 10’ tall custom wine cases are positioned along the restaurant’s main corridor to define the corridor and adjacent areas. To the left of the restaurant’s entrance is an elevated main dining room that features walnut wood flooring arranged in a sunburst pattern. Across the corridor, a veranda that provides guests with views of the St. Lawrence River. At the end of the corridor is a private dining room. In the front of the restaurant, to the left of the entrance, we designed a fully refrigerated cheese room, with adjustable temperature shelving. A window positioned in the front of the cheese room will allow guests to view the selection of local cheeses. To the right of the restaurant’s entrance is a 5-seat waiting room designed to evoke the feel and comfort of a living room.