Dolby Cinema

Designer"Vince Voron"- Dolby, Executive Creative Director "Donald Burlock" - Dolby, Creative Director "Wilhelm Oehl" - Eight Inc, "Mark Little," "Sara Lu," "David Herman," "Gideon Hillman," "Markus Nonn," "Jessica Lamond" - Eight Inc.
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Dolby Cinema, a new branded premium cinema offering co-created by Dolby’s in-house team and Eight Inc., will combine powerful new image and sound technologies, including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, in a design created to revolutionize the cinematic experience. The design of Dolby Cinema begins with the basic understanding that the audience is at the center of an amazing environment that affords them an optimal movie experience. A revolutionary consumer journey of this new cinema experience was developed in order to provide the audience with a period of anticipation and transition before entering the immersive environment of the auditorium. As visitors cross the Dolby Cinema entrance portal, they are first guided along a long, curved hallway immersed in full-height projected imagery and sound, creating a sensory transition and separation from the bright theater lobby into the auditorium. This continuously curved projection path provides a new canvas for movie studios to begin setting the mood and telling their story with a unique image and sound experience before the show begins. The resulting integration of inspired design and the latest technology is a cinema where the stories you love come alive before your eyes in ways you never thought possible. Dolby Cinema blurs the line between perception and reality, between story and audience. Every element comes together in Dolby Cinema to pull people more deeply into the story and transform their visit into an event. You’ll come expecting a show but leave with a memory.