PUMA Annual Report

Lead Designer
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

In 2013, PUMAS CEO Bjorn Gulden introduced a new mission statement "To be the fastest Brand in the world”. PUMA is one of the foremost prominent sports brands in the industry and I wanted to portray that as I created this annual report. Using action images and striking colors such as yellow and black, I gave PUMA an unforgettable bold style that shows energy and speed. The type treatment was also used to create a sense of movement throughout the annual report. By combining many layers and fun textures in Photoshop, I created a collage-sty­­­le theme that further added to Puma’s high performance look. The intricate details of combined images, text, and textures that make up this annual report also speak for the detail that goes into Puma’s products and overall, elite brand.