Her Interactive Website Redesign

CompanyPoint It
ClientDan Baxter
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Overview: Her Interactive develops a line of Nancy Drew mystery games for PC and Mac computers. The company releases two new games per year for desktop computers and mobile devices. The site’s users are notable not only for their dedication to the Nancy Drew brand, but for their “collector” mindset. Game sales, including both physical and digital copies of game software, are a top priority and key to Her Interactive’s year-round success. Challenge: Her Interactive’s original website had not been updated since its launch in 2009. As time wore, they were finding it challenging to keep up with the expectations of today’s user. Her Interactive’s original site was plagued by a host of user experience issues, including a lack of responsiveness across devices, creating an inconsistent and frustrating experience for visitors. Additionally, there was no streamlined way to access the disparate community resources to interact with the company or other fans, resulting in user disengagement and frustration. Based on their challenges, Her Interactive’s primary goals were: ● Increase site responsiveness ● Update the site design to facilitate accuracy and ease for e-commerce ● Improve overall user experience Approach: Rather than prescribing a one-size-fits-all solution, Point It did some sleuthing of their own and conducted a thorough phase of research and discovery. Point It helped by delivering a complete overhaul of the original site, including copywriting, concept and UX design. The big wins: ● UX improvement provided better navigation and augmented e-commerce ● Aggregation of community resources provided a central base of operation for users -- which means more community engagement and support. Results: After the launch of the redesigned site, Her Interactive saw the following benefits: ● E-commerce conversion rate increased by 56% ● Per-session value increased by 36% ● Return visitors increased by 7.13% ● Pages per session decreased by 5% (fewer pages needed to