Dalva Sunrise and Sunset

ClientDiogo Gama Rocha
DesignerDiogo Gama Rocha
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Dalva Sunrise and Dalva Sunset are the new concept in Douro white table wine, created by the Portuguese design agency, Omdesign. The images on each of the labels are based on two illustrations from the artistic eye of the master, Júlio Resende, a well-known Portuguese painter, portraying the River Douro and the breathtaking landscape around it. These two wines and their labels represent a fusion between the wine, the work of Júlio Resende and the geography of the Douro region, reinforced by the transparency of the labels and the bottles themselves. They are uncomplicated wines that are easy on the palate. Dalva Sunrise, a light, aromatic wine, has a label that evokes the first morning light, the dawn of a new day. It is complemented by Dalva Sunset, which is more structured and recalls unique moments of sharing at sunset and the magic of the stars coming out.

About Designer

Established in 1998, Omdesign is a Portuguese design and advertising agency that works on a daily basis for clients and partners that honour us with their patronage and loyalty. The strong relationships we have built over 20 years are result of the dedication and the unique way we embrace each project, always offering innovative and highly effective solutions. At Omdesign, we work with leading companies worldwide in different industries such as beverages, wines, food, FMCG, tourism, among others. The agency is recognised nationally and internationally for the excellence of its work.

Awards and Prize

More than 165 awards achieved in national and international design and packaging competitions, namely in IDA, Graphis, Pentawards, Red Dot, iF Design, among others.