the Mirroring of Time

DesignerMengxi Chen
Prize3rd Place in Print / Books
Entry Description

The book collects the photos that I shot during my travels all these years. The camera just could record from past to present, but the time in my memory is free. Our eyes are like camera, we continually measure the distance between the world and us by the virtual images on our retinas. The packaging of the book is silver which shows unknown and fantasy. The book, the size of a postcard, is inset in the left side. In addition, there's a calendar on the right side which is printed with a selection of photographs. The book looks like a portable notebook on trip. Besides the photos, there is also some sketch, tickets and words in the book.The rhythm sensation of photos expresses the constant change of time and space. Each city is as one chapter and the last page of each chapter can be torn down and mailed as a postcard.