ClientYves Béhar
DesignerYves Béhar
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Fluidigm is a life sciences pioneer who developed an Integrated Fluidic Circuit that can test up to 96 DNA samples simultaneously, producing lab results in under 3 hours. However, as a Business to Business company, Fluidigm had never invested much into their over brand, as the primary focus was on research and products. When we looked at the current life science market – we saw a plethora of basic logos and brand names floating in a sea of blue tones. Rather than designing a static wordmark, we built the brand around the foundation of the company – a living, animated logo, reflective of the cell samples they test. The logo morphs in an amoebic fashion, with a sharp and dynamic ‘F’ in the center - representing Fluidigm as a strong leader in their industry - almost like a super-hero personified through its brand. To redefine the color standards of the industry, and match the personality of the company better, we chose gradient tones of magenta and purple – new distinct colors of science that are exemplary of the bold attitude and persona inherent to Fluidigm.