August Smart Lock Packaging

ClientYves Béhar
DesignerYves Béhar
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Entry Description

The August Smart Lock is a device that fits over your existing deadbolt and syncs to your phone, unlocking your door as you approach and locking behind you. To parallel the product experience, we designed the August packaging as a front door – with a perfectly sized graphic of the lock over an image of a door handle. With its rectangular shape and beautiful wooden background imagery, the structural “door” opens exactly as a front door would, revealing a minimalist interior. Upon opening, the lock itself is the only thing visible, tucked inside black cardboard to hold it in place. Above the lock is the only visible line of text exclaiming, “You’re Invited” – the lock’s signature motto. By pulling up on the invitation, the paper lifts to reveal the few pieces of mounting hardware, as well as a hidden folder with the instruction manual. No other materials are in the box, keeping it both sustainable and minimal.