JW Marriott Mexico City

Lead Designer
ClientKathryn Mickel
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The five-star JW Marriott Mexico City rises 26 stories above
the exclusive Polanco District. Located in the heart of Mexico
City’s upscale business and entertainment sector, this 283-
room flagship hotel has been selected by Condé Nast
readers as the “Best Overall Hotel in Mexico”. Originally
constructed in the 80s, the hotel was in need of a
makeover. And since the hotel caters to affluent visitors,
luxurious aesthetics were essential.

The area’s Aztec ruins served as the design inspiration for
the renovation. Custom fixtures, artwork, fabrics, and even
the carpet, were influenced by the region’s Aztec heritage.
Local artists, using indigenous materials, created the lobby’s
hand-tufted rugs. The abstract Aztec shape woven into the
lobby rug also adorns the elevator lobby rugs and the
reception desk’s back wall as 3D art.

In reference to Mexico’s long tradition of jewelry design,
silver-toned metals and materials are used throughout,
bringing to mind the silver, mica and crystals found in
ancient Aztec jewelry.

The Basket Wall, one of the most talked about design
features in the lobby, was created using over 50 hand-
woven Aztec baskets, each a different size and shape. Each
basket was replicated in resin, then sent to a local artist
who hand-painted each piece.

For a punch of color and authenticity, strands of genuine
Mexican ponchos were repurposed to create yarn-based art
in the lobby bar and throughout the hotel. The artwork,
when combined with sumptuous seating, plush sofas and
deep armchairs, creates an attraction for patrons and the
community alike.

The repositioned dining room and outdoor dining terrace
also extend the hotel’s draw. The design team rebranded
the hotel’s existing restaurant to honor the restaurant’s use
of vanilla in its cuisine. An interpretation of the vanilla bean
orchid is incorporated into the restaurant’s logo, signage,
glass etchings, menus, and even in the restaurant’s tone-
on-tone wallcoverings.