Hong Bao Bao - Creative Red Envelope

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Entry Description

"Red envelope" is a custom of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese love red, a symbol of vitality, happiness and good luck. But today, little red envelopes shape change, if change in shape or red envelopes traditionally given to the new features will be incorporated not only solve the problem, but also gives new feelings and impressions, to do not discard the concept of environmental protection, while both decorative and commemorative. So we created the " hong bao bao ", but to present various three-dimensional form a red envelope, the traditional flat innovation, integration of a variety of flowers on behalf of Taiwan culture and the Lunar New Year, with all kinds of festive custom personalized and interesting structure set into the red envelope beyond the past . Its purpose is more to "re-gift light situation" concept to a red envelope with a gift of the mind, rather than the contents to measure the amount of value. Among the many red packets, the only want to be a collection of that is bringing the best foreign friend a gift, the oriental culture and the enthusiasm and new image rendering from all over.