Jumeira Plots Development

CompanyNational Engineering Bureau
ClientAhmed Salem
DesignerNational Engineering Bureau
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The Jumiera plots development is a medium density residential flagship project of one of the premier real estate’s property developer here in Dubai U.A.E. The demand for new housing development in coastal areas of Dubai is gaining popularity and widely received among property stakeholders and investors. The site project is located at Jumeira First Dubai U.A.E. a densely residential zone neighbor to famous recreational and tourism spots. Its arterial roads are becoming highly commercialized and frequently visited by tourist the result to the fast growth of the local economy with the timely construction of this medium density residential development will further strengthen and boost the local economy. The community planning focuses on the development of five individual parcels of lands (Plot-A, Plot-B, Plot-C, Plot-D & Plot-E) being connected by existing street roads in grids of parallel and perpendicular arrangement. The housing categories based on the needs of the market are division into three types namely: townhouses, mixed use buildings and apartment suites. Each type is codependent allowing its individual activities to overlap to create and build a sense of community. The designations of plots housing types is mainly influenced and in accordance to the local zonal regulations, the townhouses are built on the innermost plots and the mixed use buildings occupies the plot along main road (Al wasl ). The community development ideally patterned to an urban planning concept opts to be a self-contained environment where inhabitants can live, create a livelihood in the bounds of the community itself. Ensuring the long term success of the development the proponent see’s the viability of adapting the best green building practices in aim to reduce the energy consumption and contribute in preserving natural resources and ecosystems.