First-class chair for public environments

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Entry Description

First-class chair is designed for public place to satisfy people with different needs. The shining feature is transformability between public communication and relatively private space. The mechanism is that the back of chair has two conditions of angle which are controlled by two protuberances in slide track. The original condition is the back leaning in small angle, used when people want to talk or share something with others; but when people want to have a rest, a call, or read newspaper, have a short snap, they can just lean back to make the back of chair incline more, therefore they can enjoy a private space which is realized by the baffle. The basic body is original from normal public chair and baffle board adding aesthetic design and mechanical structure. The two inclining angle has been applied ergonomic analysis, which make the chair not only suitable for human body in its two conditions but more comfortable than normal public chair. Finally, as the public chair, First-class chair, has a simple but nice appearance and reasonable space occupancy.

About Designer

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