Clever Double-Sided Tape Tool

DesignerYiming Yan, Yiteng Shih, Yang Gao
Prize2nd Place in Office Equipment / Productivity Tools/Presentations
Entry Description

Clever double-sided tape tool is a simple tool to hold double-sided tape, which can make the sticking process easier and cleaner, because it can strip and collect the waste automatically instead of using hand. Such a big boon for designer and handicraft man! As known, double-sided tape has two layers, one is two-sided sticky tape and the other is smooth back layer that will be removed when sticking, so we can call it the waste. Normally, when using tapes, the wanted section is stuck firstly and then cut by a scissor; next step is to remove the waste. There is overmuch step and the wastes are always thrown into a mass. By the way, the sticky tape may stick on scissor and hard to be cleaned. These problems can be solved perfectly by using this special creative tool. The tool consists of four main components: tape holder, waste holder, shells, and a small cutter. When using, the double-sided tape has to be putted on tape holder and the waste is striped off from the tape and connected on the waste holder. Slipping the tool on the paper and the tape is released through the mouth. At the same the gear on tape holder drive the waste holder to roll to strip the waste automatically. After that cut the wanted section off by cutter on the mouth. Instead of utility and functionality, there is ergonomic analysis to make the shape more comfortable for using. As a final point, the shell can be divided at the middle and one half shells is design in transparent property to enhance the technology feeling and convenient to know the volume of tape.

About Designer

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