The boutique hotel home

DesignerDon Lin
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

An old concept; “Boutique theme hotel” reflected many sophisticated identity. Rebellious yet impressive. The owners of this house encapsulate the essence of this metaphorical and refurnished it into a radical home space. This space has gradually opened up into a modern retro-industrial experience and the intriguing component with many of the sub-urban context has been carefully reinterpreted. For instance, ventilation block and concrete pattern was introduced and redefined to ponder the preservation of an old-building. With these fine details, every room visually exhibited an interconnection through a melodious experience. The permutation of the home space was to transform the unwanted spaces into a monastic simplicity in a dramatic technique that invites all visitors. The instant appearance encircles a same style but different concept statement which strongly converts the echoes to a series of collectable space. However there are certain practical and spiritual aspects to be capped by the owners, perhaps in a way, it did not tarnished the look and yet compliment a conversation between the nature and the sub-urban.

About Designer

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