Friesland Campina Development Centre

CompanyID21 Singapore
ClientWilawan Jentraichan
DesignerAviruth Trungtreechart
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Entry Description

As the world’s leading manufacturer of milk products in the arena of food sciences, Friesland Campina was looking to create an integrated office cum laboratory in Singapore that would meet not only their functional needs but also represent their brand vision, organisational culture and collaborative workforce aspirations. The key concept driver behind the design for the Friesland Campina Development Centre was figuring out how an office and laboratory could be housed within a single location and present itself as a cohesive entity to users and visitors. Inspired by the sharp, dynamic arcs from the company’s brand identity logo, the designers enveloped the laboratory space with a curved glass wall. While creating a clear demarcation of space, function and objectives, the result was an illuminated extension of a 90 percent open-plan office of workstations, meeting rooms, diner and library. The conceptual and design development process involved appreciating the multi-cultural expanse of work styles that needed to be adopted, while producing an integrated office and laboratory that enhanced a global brand through collaborative expression and technical integration of laboratory health and safety aspects.