A Memory Between Us - A postcard kit when you travel

DesignerDami You
Prize1st Place in Print / Stationery
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Entry Description

A Memory Between Us postcard kit allows traveling companions to document their journey together and to share it with their loved ones. This postcard kit contains two sets of postcards, each of which is composed of 12 postcards with diverse prompts and designs. One set is for you to fill out and the other one is for your travel companion to do the same. The postcards in the two sets have the same template but by recording and capturing what each saw and felt separately, different content is generated, creating a unique opportunity to share both people’s thoughts and perspectives with each other. In addition, using the advantage of postcards, you can capture what you feel, see, eat, and hear and send them via mail to friends or family. The prompts on each postcard are evocative enough to stir the imagination, but leave plenty of free space for your own interpretation.