Interior Design Commercial Gym

CompanyStudio Plus
ClientTy Armstrong
DesignerFunk Fitness 247
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Entry Description

The brief was to change the face of health and fitness by making it a fun vibrant and funky place to workout. The brand name Funk Fitness 247 was the key element as well as the brands Logo - Designed by Libby Reed a student at Griffith University this was the impetus of the overall design. The theme which is to be rolled out internationally has a retro Austin Powers feel. The space was to be an experience from the front entry reception area through to the 3 separate training areas. Upon entry through auto magic double doors you are greeted by bright vibrant colours a customer made Gym Shoe reception desk, arcade games, mirror balls and a floor to ceiling visual hero shot of a happy female on roller skates. This sets the mood for a happy interchange from front meet and greet area to the functionality of the training area. Upon entry into the gym floor, you are greeted by vibrant colour carpet squares, juke box and zero gravity massage chairs. The exposure of the under ceiling air- conditioning ducts allowed the inclusion of RGB Led lights to give the gym a disco feel with an upbeat vibe to make training an enjoyable experience not a laborious grind to getting fit and healthy. The general area has a litany of different embellishments from powder coated stainless steel panels to dado level. Keeping in mind that this is a gym, materials chosen had a sturdiness about them due to the nature of the space and the members. Ceiling mounted way signs leaves the walls clear for posters, information and motivational quotes keeping in the theme of the overall design brief. The inclusion of a funky steam room with LED lights in the ceiling continues the theme. The group fitness room is inclusive of Mirror Balls, custom made stars on the floor virtual cinema classes and flashing LED lights. All equipment has been custom coloured and upholstered to designate specific areas of training. The coffered ceiling designates the functional training area and splits the room for visual effect.