Zhong Pintang

CompanyZhengbang Creative (Beijing)Branding Technology Co.,Ltd.
ClientLu Qing
DesignerZhengbang Creative (Beijing)Branding Technology Co.,Ltd.
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Zhong Pin Tang When designing a company logo one of the main things is to define the identity, i.e. to represent clearly who the company is and how it would like to be perceived. A masterfully executed logo materializes the identity for the user and all those who interact with the logo. Now, as designers, we have to recognize and respect what gives logos this power to define-our goal being to create high quality and effective logos for our clients. Aligning three Chinese characters(众,品,堂)vertically to create this logo,which looks like the print of imperial jade seal. The whole package is full of rich eastern culture atmosphere. Yellow represents royal class in China, which establishes sense of trust and royal. Examine symbols from multiple perspectives-that of the clients, that of their target audience, and even beyond their normal social and cultural contexts. What a symbol represents in one culture may not be what it represents in another. This is crucial for companies who seek to create international identities and brands.