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Website: interiorCode is a design website of small apartments for living alone with 200 3D interior planning categorized into 5 apartment types, 5 tastes, and 8 life styles, which will all be updated annually. In recent years, interior planning for living alone is searched in google. But conventional interior plan (with only a bed in a bedroom) with one function in each room wasn’t enough for multiple functioned small apartment requiring bedroom, living room, etc. in one room. Two innovative categorization methods: 1. Not single rooms, it was categorized into 5 typical apartment rooms. 2. By setting up the priority of doing what with who in the narrow space, 8 life styles were categorized from the kind of furniture placed, and it could also cope with living alone, cohabitation, and semi-cohabitation. <5 apartment types> 1: studio (1 room ) 2: studio + kitchen 3: studio + kitchenette 4: 1BR(1 room + 1 bed room)+1BA (1 bath room) 5: 1BR + kitchen <8 life styles> 1. Living + Bed ( Priorities/1:sleep,2:relax ) 2. Living + Sofa Bed ( P/1:relax,2:sleep ) 3. Living + Bed + Desk ( P/1:work,2:sleep,3:relax ) 4. Living + Sofa Bed + Desk ( P/1:work,2:relax,3:sleep) 5. Living + Bed +Dining ( P/1:cook,2:sleep,3:relax ) 6. Living + Sofa Bed + Dining ( P/1:cook(party),2:relax,3:sleep) 7. Living + Sofa Bed + Desk + Dining ( P/1:cook and work,2:relax,3:sleep) 8. Living + Loft Bed + Desk + Dining ( P/1:cook and work,2:relax,3:sleep) <5 tastes> 1.Modern, Cool 2.Nordic, Natural 3.Antique, Classic 4.Oriental, Japanese 5.Princess, Pop Benefit: 1. User/single person: preferred interior plan can be found intuitively from each category. One practical usage is to use it as a display window when renting a room. 2. Client/real estate rent agency: conventional 3D diagrams are made-to-order at high price, but it can be low-cost and leased monthly here. Media coverage

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1: studio (1 room ) 2: studio + kitchen. The points is Focus on the part of 1 room. It will be possible to mass-produce this design easily and uniformly at a low price.