Old pier

CompanyZhengbang Creative (Beijing)Branding Technology Co.,Ltd.
ClientPan Xianfeng
DesignerZhengbang Creative (Beijing)Branding Technology Co.,Ltd.
Entry Description

Background info : “Old pier” is the original Shiliupu, as the most legendary. Here are Riverside alleys, old Shikumen community spread on the beach tycoons’ story. Old pier is located in Zhongshan South Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, Lane 505, is an important part of the effort to build the Economic Commission of Huangpu District on the beach Creative Industry Park, was named 2008 Top Ten Creative Industry Park and the 2009 Shanghai Industrial Tourism Attractions , South Bund has become a new landmark in the fashion sector. Ideas and meaning: From the perspective of the designer brands start with the old pier, looking for memories of the old pier, select old sailboat sail shape, showing designs for cards, people in the space environment reminiscent of natural history has here Yang Fan, who parked here bold combination of stainless steel and linen adds to the vicissitudes of history, thus emphasizing the old pier brand personality.