Eastern garden (OL)

CompanyZhengbang Creative (Beijing)Branding Technology Co.,Ltd.
ClientXu Jing
DesignerZhengbang Creative (Beijing)Branding Technology Co.,Ltd.
Entry Description

Eastern garden (OL) “making art and ecology into your life” Art: garden art is the art of life, the overall brand image design, are paying more attention to artistry of the show, with a blank in the way of Chinese painting and minimalist silhouettes show oriental charm and artistic taste. Integration: the mark with a blend of rigorous Oriental moon gate like romance and western foot at right angles, the performance of the brand into the modern with simple graphics birds, gardens and other natural landscape, silhouettes of rubbing and pictures and color, simple and rich. Ecology: the garden is a real natural realm, the mood changes with time and succession, that the "weather" is different. The forest in summer and winter, corresponding blue water and sky, Bilin shades of green, white snow black soil, the color performance of the natural ecology.