VI auxiliary graphics design----Shanghai Nature Museum

CompanyZhengbang Creative (Beijing)Branding Technology Co.,Ltd.
ClientXu Jing
DesignerFeng Huangyu
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Topic:Hello world(use personification to interact with audience) Background information: Shanghai Nature Museum is already 141 years old, which is one of the largest nature museums in China. As the base for popularization of science, Shanghai Nature Museum is the place full of Shanghai people’s childhood memory. Design concept: Return to the original purity—use nature to protect children’s dream Achieving inspiration from the logo, the designer chose 5 creatures with the mark of time. They are Yangtze River Dolphin (endangered species), butterfly (insect), Zhendanyaque(a kind of bird already instinct), Mamenxilong (the treasure of the museum) and Gingko (we call it living fossil in China) . The sketches of them intercross with each other to show creatures rely on each other to live in nature and to show “you can see yourself in others”. Together with the topic “hello world”, the pictures are interactive with children and make children feel close. Children’s dream needs to be protected in this more and more modern world by the power of nature. The using of bright colors in nature can stimulate children’s imaginative and creative power. Both children and adults can enjoy an adventure. Date of going public:24th, April