House in Nishimikuni

DesignerYousaku Tsutsumi
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The client is a retired couple living in the center of Osaka city. On the north, a park is scheduled to be built, and on the west, a three story house stands. There is an apartment across the road. The main requests were that a sunken kotatsu in the living room, courtyard view from the living room, and a laundry space without overlooking from the outer surroundings. To meet these requests above, taking care of privacy, and security matters, this one-storied house face perimeter is encircled with cedar wood, and also, the same height and material is used at the exterior of the house,. The two main rooms are placed in a slightly diagonal line, and an s-shaped courtyard is set along the way, to receive natural light effectively, to enjoy the breeze pleasantly, and to make the inside look spacious. Because of this structure, the residents could feel the outside natural atmosphere, even though the house is surrounded with walls in this size of site area. The wood, used in this project is cedar, which is one of Japanese traditional materials, and has been used in the ancient Japanese architecture, such as shrines or temples as it is durable, and versatile. Therefore, this material is perfect for Japanese houses, by its natural texture, and quality. As for this project, cedar plates were used in the exterior walls, and inside the flooring with the same material and the size, to have a sense of unity of the entire house. The aim of using this simple, modern style cedar woods, is to give impression of a fusion in the current lifestyle and the traditional Japanese culture, and to tell to the world that, how great this wood material is, and how beautiful Japanese culture is, in this modern organized convenient society.