explanation for the Seventh Avenue

CompanyZhengbang Creative (Beijing)Branding Technology Co.,Ltd.
ClientSI Yuan
DesignerLiu Tao
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Logo explanation for the Seventh Avenue Seventh Avenue was founded in January 2008, is the world's largest web game developer, is currently one of the highest corporate income overseas Chinese online game industries. As Sohu tour (NASDAQ ticker symbol: CYOU), a wholly owned subsidiary, the company has always been based on the user experience, in order to promote the sound development of the industry as its mission, is committed to a variety of high-quality, fine digital entertainment products development and operations. Seventh Avenue wants to show its logo and its cultural property industry concept, design, more focused on the development of the concept and its seven road enterprises combined to achieve the internal unity, and other competitors out there are differences in performance, whether on the graphics or colors, and finally into a pursuit is one of the brand concept. The gaming industry is to create, to create the most demand is the purpose of Seventh Avenue, on the element with the square of the world's non-performance, through the creation of layers, and the endless, forming elements 7, representing the creation of Seventh Avenue and development of a brand exclusive, yin and yang is the road, between color, filled with endless possibilities for the industry; Exclusive 7, but also represents a day of meaning, as always, Seventh Avenue pursue new breakthroughs every day, give users more experience and enjoy; 7 = 5 + 2, ie, the five elements of metal and wood fire + earth water and soil, is the pursuit of Heaven, so the logo has a "joint" concept, so that enterprises and employees, the game and the players into one. Combined with the selected color yellow and black, forming a kind of people the world to pursue color, yellow sky and feel the earth have connected, black is the human curiosity and the pursuit of this vast between heaven and earth.