Burnt Charcoal

Lead DesignerMDI Design Group
ClientMarvin Cheng
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Burnt Charcoal, a Korean barbecue restaurant located in a
thriving area of Taipei. Design group intended to develop
this project as a restaurant with rich experience of senses.

The conceptual elements denote the theme, aesthetics,
functions and sentiments; the form leads users to
experience with the space in both physical and mental ways.

This project was based on the transformation of charcoal;
therefore, the project was named Burnt Charcoal.
‧Foyer: Demonstrating a natural environment indicating
where timber grows.
‧Dining Area: Presenting images of trees related to flaming
‧Exterior and Restroom: Symbolizing charcoal textures.

Sense of sight dictates physical movements in the space.
Seeing things before action; actions define the routes in the
space. Therefore, sight and routes are essential while
developing this project. The combinations of these two
elements generate circulation in the space.

The space between ceiling and human body, red lighting
visuals setting the tone as burning flames were interlaced
as pile of timbers. While elements were interacting,
transforming, replicating and extending in the space, they
generate rhythms and become vivid and theatrical by the
light effects.

Interpreting the materials into a conceptual idea by
coordinating practical functions and aesthetics in a space is
the most essential procedure in this project.
In Burnt Charcoal, designers observed human behaviors
before deciding the approach and conduct of the interior
design, also defining the connections among people and

Spatial experiences are accumulated by receiving and
expressing information with our senses. In this project,
Burnt Charcoal visitors’ senses will be pleased visually by
the colorful lighting, the water flow fulfilling hearing, and the
sense of touch would be satisfied by textures of materials in
its’ surroundings. A restaurant is a composition of senses
presented in delicate ways.


MDI is an integrated company mainly in spatial design. Our team consists of people coming from all over the world majored in Environmental, Architecture, Interior, and Art; our team is filled with multi degree thinking, and a team ready to investigate with different approaches, in the field of design, we do not avoid difficult projects, we are capable of making attempts, concentrating our clients╴╴ concept and imaginations, and project more possibilities of the living space. We believe that through ongoing communications and discussions there produce a balance in perfect definition.