Feeling Factory

DesignerVincenzo Maselli
Prize2nd Place in Multimedia / Animation
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Entry Description

"Feeling Factory” is a short animation movie of about 5 minutes made in claymation. This is the conclusion of a thesis research work about modeling clay’s poetry. The author graduated with this University final work in ”design, comunicazione visiva e multimediale” at the University of Rome, “La Sapienza”, the 26th of March 2014. The story tells about the discovery of freedom and the possibility of “shape” their own feelings. In a faraway land there was a factory into which a man created “items feelings”. but these feelings with the passing of time grew old and it was impossible to fix them. Everyone felt admiration for this objects, because these caused love. One day, while an assitant was cleaning, his feeling of love fell, but it only dented and hadn’t broken. So he realized that these itmes could be repaired, and with them also feelings changed. A friendship could be transformed in a love and an affection could increase. From that moment nobody created more feelings, ‘cause everyone could decide size and shape of these items. The images are described by a narrator who tells a nursery rhyme.