DesignerEric Schmitt
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Bulb Table in anodized aluminium and bohemian glass

About Designer

Eric Schmitt 1955. Eric Schmitt manages-with amazing dexterity-to please, and indeed, to fascinate two fastidious groups who are widely divergent in their taste : those who wish that craftsmen made things like they used to, and those who wish design would not linger towards the past. Fusing the past and the future, Eric Schmitt has formed quite a present. While hewing closely to the clean geometries and planes of Modernism, Eric Schmitt cannot resist a curve. His wit and playfulness always get the best of him, and his work gets the best of it : a sober dedication to good design and love of materials burnished with a patina of charm and cleverness. Bronze, marble, alabaster, or bohemian glass, heavy stuff that he succeeds to turn to peaceful and quiet objects that draws your hand to a caress. March 2015 : Dutko Gallery showing Eric Schmitt at the PAD Paris. March 2015 :Exhibition at the Quai d’Orsay by AD Collections Paris. June 2014: Ink series: Solo exhibition at the Cat Berro Gallery March 2014 : Cat Berro Gallery at Art Paris Dutko Gallery at Art Paris 2013 November : Group exhibition Ralph Pucci , Miami. 2013 October: Solo exhibition Dutko Gallery, Paris. 2013 September : Solo exhibition Christian Liaigre Gallery, Paris. 2013 June : Solo exhibition « 13 Unique Vases » at the IBU Gallery, Paris. 2013 : Dutko Gallery showing Eric Schmitt at BRAFA Brussels. 2012 : Dutko Gallery showing Eric Schmitt at Design Miami Basel. 2012 : Exhibition at Ralph Pucci, Los Angeles. 2011 : Exhibition at Ibu Gallery, Paris. 2011 : "On the Rocks" : Solo exhibition at Ralph Pucci, New-York. 2010 : Solo exhibition at the Valerie Goodman Gallery, New-York. 2008 : Solo exhibition at Cat Berro, Paris. 2006 : Solo exhibition at Ralph Pucci, New-York. 2005 : Exhibition “ Meubles d’Artistes” at the Chateauroux Museum. 2005 : Order of the french government“ Mobilier National”. 2004 : Solo exhibition at the galerie st Pere, Paris. 2000 : Exhibition "L'école mobilière française du 20ème siècle", Paris. 1997 : Order for the public gardens of the Paris City hall. 1991 /1993/1996 : Solo exhibitions at the "Galerie Neotu", Paris. 1996 : Solo exhibitions at the "Galerie peter Goebbel", Stuttgart. 1992 : Solo exhibitions at the "Galerie Neotu", New-York. 1991 : Exhibition "les capitales Européennes" at the centre Georges Pompidou. 1990 : Exhibition "les années V.I.A". at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs. 1987 : Solo exhibition at the "V.I.A", Paris.