An Apartment in Sha Tin

CompanyCOMODO Interior & Furniture Design Co Ltd
ClientAlain Wong
DesignerAlain Wong
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The design are inspired by the owner’s favorite gear, his bicycle. He and his partner are health-conscious and sports lover. To him, the two-wheel equipment is more than just a sport instrument but also a part of his life. This apartment can be divided into two sections, a public area and a personal space, or you can consider them as the front and back stage. Designer almost pull down all the partitions inside the house to fit with the need of the new owner. The public area combines three functions, greeting friends, home office and physique training; Private area is where only belong to the owner, where he relax and gear up for the other day. The partitions of the public area is far more than the word, fun, it is not overstated even if you call it as an art installation. The focal point is the three revolving partitions that separate the training room from the dining area. It is inspired by the rotating wheels of the owner’s favorite bicycle. It is also hanged on the wall as a showcase of his passion. The study are separated by glass panels and make one room connected with another. These partitions provide a flexibility, making every move means something to the space. The private space is like a hidden treasure in the deepest part of the apartment. Open up the concealed door at the study and take your step into the private section of the house. Another side of this area is an upscale, boutique-like wardrobe and a semi-open bathroom. We can look into the bathing zone through the grey-colored glass panel from the bedroom, sharing the greenery of the other side of the room.