New Sacred Land- Yinna/Wanfu Temple Zone Urban Planning and Design

CompanyEast China Architectural Design & Research Institute
ClientJun Zha
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Wanfu Temple is located in Yinna Mountain, Meizhou, Guangdong province, which is one of the major tourism spot in Meizhou. The temple was built 1000 years ago. In recent decades, these temples have been reconstructed for several times, and were deviate from Buddhist tradition in terms of architectural form, spatial framework and style. This renewal project aims to reconstruct the relationship of temples and the surrounding environment- create Wanfu Temple Axis and stone steps which follows the terrain of Yinna mountain. Based on the sophisticated site and existing temple buildings, the design forms three courtyards, which is against the general approach of traditional temple zone with only one axis. Meanwhile, with the hakka scenic spot features and themes, the place is endowed with compound function of different themes, which makes perfect combination of natural environment and historical culture. Through this religious tourism project, the landscape humanistic revival will effectively solve the Meizhou and Guangdong regional growth pole of the tourism economic development in the future, provide opportunities for neighbor cities to improve, and serve as develop engine of tourism development in major cities along the coast.

About Designer

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