DesignerJeanine Hsu
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The Aurora Collection captures the timelessness of light. Like light, this collection is untethered, free and fluid. Paths of reflection and refraction are echoed in the Drusy Agate, Crystallite and white shells of these pieces. Just as butterflies dance in hidden rhythms, the Aurora Collection curls and shines with lightness and freedom.

About Designer

n i i n handcrafts nature's treasures to create original jewellery and accessories, with ethical practices at it's core. n i i n built its name on a passion for unique design and raw creativity with a penchant for the chic and wearable. Its commitment to natural beauty and environmental responsibly inspires its unique aesthetic. Relying on natural materials, you'll discover simple pieces of nature transformed into inspiring treasures.