Príncipe Biosphere Bottle

ClientDiogo Gama Rocha
PrizeHonorable Mention
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“No plastic. A small gesture is in your hand.” is the motto for the international campaign launched by the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve at the Island of Príncipe. The campaign was created by the Portuguese advertising agency Omdesign. The goals of this campaign are: raise awareness of the need for greater environmental preservation, promote a reduction in waste production and import, encourage the use of reusable "Príncipe Biosphere Bottles", remove plastic from the Island of Príncipe and guarantee that there is available drinking water. This initiative aims to raise awareness and call to action. It warns the island's population of the very real issue of excess plastic and calls their attention to the quality of the island's water. Under the umbrella of the campaign, 50 used plastic bottles can be exchanged for a "Príncipe Biosphere Bottle". This stainless steel container is made with safe plastic-free material and can be refilled at any of the treated pure water stations on the island. The Island of Príncipe was declared UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 2012. This campaign was launched in 2013 and has been a success ever since. A large number of the population has engaged and become involved with plastic collection. More than 150,000 plastic bottles have been collected to date. Also, there has been an increase in the number of drinking water dispensers. This campaign has been organised by the Biosphere Reserve of the Island of Príncipe on behalf of the Regional Government of Príncipe, and it has been supported by the UNESCO, the Spanish Environment Ministry and the company HBD.

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