Pacific House

DesignerRob Brown
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Clad in dramatic burnt timber, and the ochre tones of weathered steel sheets, this beach house has a dynamic and striking appearance. Large expanses of north facing glazing draw in the spectacular views of Palm Beach and the Pacific Ocean beyond deep into the home. Split into two pavilions, the house is linked by a deck which expands and fans out to the view. The first pavilion contains the living spaces, kitchen, family bathroom and bedrooms, with a casual living area at the lower level adjacent to a small plunge pool. A hidden door into the second pavilion reveals the master bedroom suite, which sits among the treetops, overlooking the swimming pool and northerly view. The main living area is light and spacious, contrasting with the modest scale of the bedrooms. Key to the design is the idea of the family being together in these living spaces, entertaining and relaxing. The main living area seamlessly connects the indoors with the outdoor deck. The entry to the house is via a steep path and sandstone steps, which take you upon arrival underneath the dramatic cantilever of the living space. This luminescent space glows with the rich reds, oranges and browns of the weathered steel. A single Y-shaped column, delicately formed and tapered supports the house above. The upper levels are clad in charred black vertical boarding, burnt using the traditional Japanese Yaki-Sugi method. Treating the boards in this way seasons and helps protect the otherwise vulnerable wood. The timber acquires a unique charred texture, not dissimilar to the patternation of crocodile skin. A place for retreat, relaxing, entertaining and gathering – this house captures the view, sun and breezes to create a memorable holiday home highly suited to the unique opportunities of this Australian coastal landscape.