Yunnan Museum

CompanyRocco Design Architects Limited
ClientRocco Yim
DesignerRocco Yim, William Tam, Derrick Tsang
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Yunnan Province is home to the majority of the nation’ s national minorities. The diverse cultures are unified by its unique landscape and accentriated by the rich colour of different people. The generative concept of this museum is derived from 3 components: the identity of the province, the spatial journey of the gallery, and the sustainability of the building. The identify is coming from the potent imagery of Yunnan's famed local 'Stone Forests', the dramatic geological landscape sculpted by nature over millions of years. It is the geography of raw, powerful beauty. The spatial journey is derived from the idea of stacked boxed holding diverse and fragile historical treasures gave the architecture its defining metaphor as an assembled container of multi-cultural artifacts. The museum makes use of the excellent climatic conditions of the high- plateau. Photo-voltaic, open courtyards, natural ventilation, and local vegetations are integrated in the building with only air conditioning and humidity control of the galleries only, leaving all the public spaces naturally regulated with minimum energy consumption.