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"Square Island" district is located in the new central area of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, of about 145.33 hectares. It is the core node of urban development axis and the ecological landscape center for the whole regions. In order to protect the ecological context, it is designed to create a small beautiful and fashion town of rivers surrounded by trees, flowers and birds. This design primarily shows three characteristics, including ecology, transport and low-carbon. Most importantly, it retains part of the island in the center for the present situation of wetlands and low-lying wetlands to keep the base of ecological context, reflecting the original characterization of the site, moreover, it tries to expand the eco-efficiency and enhance the value of the land. On the basis of traffic simulation, traffic distribution and appropriate station design, the plan selects the TOD mode and integrates the station in the square island. Taking advantage of the idea of low-carbon and the technology of the computer simulation, the plan carries on a variety of ecological simulation, to optimize the plans for the good ecological effects of the layout of the city. The loop and the landscape of the river have been completed in this project so far. The open channel is in the dredging phase and Phoenix Lake, Eco Valley are on the site preparation and the water system project is about to start.

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Affiliated to Shanghai Xiandai Architectural Design Group, East China Architectural Design & Research Institute (ECADI) is one of China’s most influential architectural design institutions. Over the years, ECADI has designed projects for provinces and cities nationwide, and dozens of countries and regions as well. We have completed over 10,000 design and consulting projects, and cultivated many outstanding experts and talents including academicians and national design masters.