Neuroth Weihnachtsbuch

DesignerSimon Lemmerer
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

At Christmas we get together, we play music, we read stories. However, most of the times what is missing is a collection of these stories, of songs and poems. The basic concept was to create a Christmas book that contains all the most popular songs and stories, but also includes traditional recipes and poems. What makes the book even more special are its last few pages where the readers themselves can add traditions and personal stories about Christmas. This way, older generations can leave lasting memories for the younger family members who in return can add photos or wrapping paper. The book can be used every Christmas which makes it grow a little every year. This outstanding book with its exceptional illustrations and design, was made in collaboration with the Viennese illustration design studio Wald und Schwert. Illustrations The original idea was to create the book with several illustration styles. In the end we agreed on one illustration style to keep continuity in the design. The illustrations are made by Isa Toman, aslo known as Frau Isa. Her work has nostalgic influences and with a mix of new and old she creates her very own invented past. The typographic work was done by Oliver Toman and Simon Lemmerer. All musical notes were drawn by hand, in order for them to blend in with the rest of the concept. Credits Client Neuroth AG Concept and Creative Direction Simon Lemmerer, Markus Jausovec Copywriting Elisabeth Faustmann Art Direction Wald & Schwert, Simon Lemmerer Design and Illustration Wald & Schwert Photography Marion Luttenberger, Simon Lemmerer

About Designer

Simon Lemmerer is a Graphic Designer, Art Director and Illustrator from Graz/Austria. Beside his passion for design and typography he is a teacher for graphic design on the famous Ortweinschule in Graz/Austria.