Saga Chocolates

CompanyWoodbury University
ClientKimberly Mena
DesignerInstructor: Dan Hoy
Prize1st Place in Print / Logos, Trademarks and Symbols
Entry Description

This final project in Packaging Design allows for the development of a hypothetical line of products to be found in a category of the students choosing. It is suggested that each student develop packaging for a family, or line of products consisting of a minimum of 3- 5 products or items. This project will require the development of a concept, defining an audience, key attribute words, doing visual audits of the marketplace, creation of a logotype, and packaging suggestions for a minimum of 3-5 products, and possible display suggestions. I have always been interested different stories and myths from different place from around the world. I decided to learn more about Old Norse mythology as a result how popular it has been in recent times as a result of films. I did extensive research in both the history, mythology, and art of the Old Norse world and the belief in the Nine Worlds. This research helped me establish my color palette and patterns which are based on Old Norse motifs. The colors also represent the different colors that might have been found in the different nine worlds. Each chocolate has a flavor that relates back to one of the nine worlds. For example, Muspelheim, the world of fire, would be a dark chocolate with red chili pepper flavor. The packing would also motivate the potential customers to learn more about the Nine Worlds and Old Norse mythology by have small stories on the chocolates packing and labels. The chocolates would also be in a triangle shape which would reflect on how all of these worlds are placed into levels, with godly heaven at the top, the human world in the middle, and hell at the bottom. The triangle shaped chocolates also help demonstrate how all these worlds are connected.