Blind Pig Whiskey

CompanyWoodbury University
ClientCourtney Wolf
DesignerInstructor: Dan Hoy
Prize2nd Place in Print / Packaging
Entry Description

Whiskey milk punch is a historic southern cocktail recipe, made from a mixture of heavy cream, sugar, vanilla extract, and premium whiskey. With its origins in New Orleans, Louisiana, milk punch is a popular beverage in the deep south, and appeals to a large audience because of its dual nature; creamy sweetness with a strong bourbon kick. The curious combination of whiskey and milk dates back to the prohibition era, when people used to try to conceal their alcohol by making it appear as if they were simply drinking milk. Blind Pig Whiskey Milk Punch is an innovative and unique cream liqueur with an overall product and packaging concept inspired by prohibition in the south. The name, bling pig is a term derived from the prohibition era and was used to describe a secret location where alcohol could be purchased illegally. The bottle is encased in a wood box and would hypothetically be sold as a promotional item to familiarize the consumer with the brand and this new and innovative beverage product.