L’heritage Heirloom Seeds Packaging

CompanyWoodbury University
ClientHaley Clark
DesignerHaley Clark Graphic Design Department Woodbury University
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The ask on this assignment was to create a product line that provided a unique solution to a specific market audience. This product line then would have an identity and logo, various packaging structures, graphics and copy, and application to the varying structures. The creative process first started with looking into the market landscape of gardening, understanding the growing demand for heirloom seeds that are both organic and have a historical background, and finding what source could fill this need. This then led to heavy research into the history of food production and garden cultivation in France because of the consistent horticultural documentation, as well as which specialties would then appeal to an American audience. To transform this information into an identity for a company, a list of French words that would have connotations to American viewers was looked over and "L'Héritage" was chosen, meaning "heirloom" or "antique", and in French connotes ideas of a lasting tradition. The logotype is slightly modified from an existing font to extend the flourishes and fine detail on the type and gives the product a high-class but vintage callback. Hand-drawn colored pencil sketches are the star of the packaging, highlighting each seed's best features and the final product's ending beauty. To further challenge the current structure of seed packages, instead of the paper envelope most come in that has no reusability, the seeds are contained in vials and then fit within the slits of the larger paper pieces. For the bulb packaging, the same paper is used but the bulbs are contained within a cheesecloth mesh. The back barcode has been modified to extend the lines into plants growing upwards, but retains its ability to be read by a barcode scanner.