Your 24/7 Film Festival

Lead DesignerPatrick Corrigan
ClientAIRLIFT (Patrick Corrigan, Diana Povieng)
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Fandor is an on-demand movie theater where movie lovers can explore a library of previously unavailable films from festivals and collections from around the world. Fandor is rethinking the way people can view distinctive and previously unavailable films to their audience by leveraging technology, social media and online distribution. This brand re-design supports Fandors need for the process of discovery and exploration. Fandor ultimately also acts as your personal guide to distinctive and previously unavailable films.

A penguin brand mark was selected after a large exploration to accommodate the core brand values of Fandor which is a "gracious host." This gracious host is thoughtful, welcoming and highly aware of what their guest needs—a long conversation or a quick hello. Fandor wants to know you and your tastes, to make sure you feel at ease and to help you find what your looking for. This brand approach was also built on the power of human connection and personality. Fandor embraces how films connect humanity by revealing that we all share the same language of emotions regardless of country, race, gender, or age. Brand strategy, tone, logo, typographic mark, color and overall brand guidelines were produced.


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