Housing Development for the Indigenous Tribe of Boracay Island

DesignerC. Peach Buencamino
Entry Description

The Ati Tribe have been the indigenous inhabitants of Boracay Island in the Philippines, long before its development as a premier tourist destination. The increasing commercial development in the island has displaced the Ati's from their homes and deprived them of their liberty, rights and peaceful living in their own ancestral land. They have remained poor, uneducated, marginalized and experienced constant discrimination. In 2013, The Assisi Foundation together with other civic-minded groups have banded together to help the Ati's to provide the necessary financial, legal, social and economic assistance needed to deliver the tribe from their plight. This is a pro-bono project of C. C. Buencamino - Architect for the Ati Tribe. The design vision was to create a village that will reflect the tribes resolve, and symbolize the culmination of their long struggle to claim and possess a piece of their ancestral land. The village comprise of thirty-two homes. livelihood center, tribal hall, museum and other community facilities. Direct consultation with, and active participation of the Ati Tribe was encouraged during the design process.