DesignerDuck-Soo Choi
Prize3rd Place in Media And Home Electronics / Phone and Other Communications Technology
Entry Description

Sharing moments with Wearable technology The gnome originated in 16C folklore as an elemental Earth being. It is an enchanted companion that charms its carrier with magic – disappearing and re-appearing as it pleases… Various social media platforms let us broadcast our lives to each other anywhere and anytime. But do we really feel closer to each other? Social media has become more omnipresent; the result is a million disparate voices, drowning out the chance for dialogue and social engagement. GNOME goes above and beyond the shared media and passive commenting of current social media to create a more human, connected experience. How can we leverage new technologies such live-streaming, affordable micro-robotics and gesture recognition to rediscover a more engaged social connection? GNOME facilitates a co-experience between the device wearer and a remote user. We envision the next generation of social connectedness with GNOME, creating more meaningful shared moments with a live human connection.